Cell Phone Accessory and Tablet Accessory Reviews

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Tablet Wired Keyboards – An Education Must Have

Bluetooth keyboards and folios have become inexpensive and popular.  For most these are a great solution when a keyboard is needed to be coupled with your tablet.  Bluetooth keyboard folios provide both a keyboard and a case to protect the tablet.  For K-12 though, Bluetooth keyboards can be a major headache and may not comply […]

Latest Phones and Coupon Code for Cases and Chargers

With a slew of new phones hitting the market, cases and chargers are in high demand.  Some of the latest phones like the iPhone 6 plus benefit from a good, solid case that protects the phone from even a chance of bending.  Lightning chargers for Apple devices are in high demand with the release of […]

Avoid A Sand Infested Device!

Do you remember the days when you would take a trip to the beach, taking your paperback book, mp3 player and usually a camera to capture some memories of the day? Did you ensure that your electronic devices were stored safely to avoid any damage from water or sand? We made that extra effort didn’t […]

Feel Like Knight Rider With Your Smartwatch!

With the smartwatch being the latest craze from the wearable devices range, Apple have been a little behind its contenders with their own release. However, it doesn’t look as if we will have to wait for too much longer! By October the stores should be stocked and Apple’s latest release ready to go on sale. […]

Is Your Charger On?

The advance in smart charge technology is definitely something that we all appreciate. The high use of our electronic devices causes our batteries to drain faster than ever, leaving us with that dreaded “your battery is low” notification, when you need your phone the most. The designers at Theo Elements look like they could be onto […]

Protecting and Proactive

We see everyone these days with their eyes focused on their cell phone or tablet. Whether they are commuting to work on the train, sat in a coffee shop or even just crossing the road! Sure enough one day we’ll be taking them into the shower! Maybe that is a little extreme, and the new […]

HTC Heating up the Apples!

There have been a lot of rumors recently concerning HTC and their up and coming devices. Whispers of an HTC One M8 Prime being in the pipeline have recently been squashed, so all the buzz and the excitement has started to die down. Or has it? It seems as though the Taiwanese manufacturer wants to be […]

Boss Tech Knit Tech Gloves Review

If you are looking for quality, inexpensive gloves that will keep your hands warm while still allowing you to use the touch screen on your smartphone or tablet, then the Boss Tech Knit Tech Gloves are definitely the way to go.  The gloves are warm, comfortable, and work surprisingly well considering their low price tag. […]

Universal Tablet Headrest Mount Review

If you’ve ever taken a long road trip with kids, you know how long every unoccupied hour can be.  Fortunately, tablets and smartphones have made these trips easier by providing entertainment during long rides. However, big tablets are often hard for children under 5 to handle.  To solve this problem, Naztech has released their universal […]

HTC One M8 Accessories Review

The highly-anticipated HTC One M8 is a revolutionary new phone.  With upgraded hardware, fast software, and an improved exterior finish, the HTC One M8 is one of the best Android handsets on the market. However, like most smartphones, the HTC One M8 is vulnerable to shock damage, water, and other potential hazards.  In this review, […]