Cell Phone Accessory and Tablet Accessory Reviews

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President Unlocks Our Phone Jail Cells

You’re approaching the end of your cell phone contract and you’re someone who takes care of their technology. Your phone, once you remove the protective case is pretty much like new because you’ve taken all precautions to keep it safe. You’ve still got a great device in your hand, and it does all the things that […]

Apple 4k Desktop Whispers

Over the past few months the 4K tv has been on everyone’s “wish list” despite the expense. Living in the highest definition, digital world, has been the appeal to consumers and Apple have made sure they have a shot at the market, reportedly working on a 4K desktop. Apple Reportedly Preparing 4K Desktop And 12-Inch […]

Will Sony Be Doing Itself An Injustice?

The iPhone 6 gossip is making the rounds again and the latest article to attract attention is all about the devices camera spec. Firstly, a speculated 13-megapixel sensor in comparison to the iPhone 5′s 8-megapixel, shows a promising sign of improvement for those keen to use their smartphone for photography. Here’s and article with a […]

Are You in the ‘Land of Confusion’ with Tablets?

If you are technology savvy and know pretty much all you need to know about tablets, then you may find this article a little basic. However, there are many people out there who are still in the ‘Land of Confusion’ when it comes to these devices. The basic concept has been grasped – what exactly […]

Xperia Z3 Looks Like It’s Already Here!

Has everyone been keeping an eye on the Sony Xperia Z3?  It seems that there are some leaked images making an appearance at the moment, together with speculation that the new model is going to make the Z2 outdated after just a matter of months of its release. With the HTC One and Galaxy S5 […]

Android ‘L’ to Tantalize the Taste Buds!

We’ve all been waiting with bated breath as to what the new Android ‘L’ operating system is going to offer. There have been rumors starting to arouse as to what exciting features just might be available. Here’s a great article with a little more insight:- Android L preview comes tonight: 5 features we are most […]

Less of the Bulk!

It looks as though the toughest of all tablets is about to hit the streets. Armed with its own robust casing and not just your standard tablet cover accessory, which are a ‘must’ when protecting your iPad or Galaxy Notebook. The Bobcat Tablet could be just the technology device you’re looking for, if you do a […]

There’s No Cell Phone on the Menu!

The age of the smartphone has provided us with amazing technology, communication and innovation. We can talk to people all over the world, carry out our day to day business activities on the move and be constantly available. However, is that such a good thing?  Should we always be ‘eyes down’, faces glowing from the […]

Amazon Fire Phone Ignites a Spark!

Today is the day that Amazon shows the world that its technology is not just about tablets. Its very first smartphone called the Amazon Fire Phone is making an appearance. Looking as though it could be pretty snazzy and start breathing down the necks of the big dogs such as HTC, Apple and Samsung. Amazon unveils […]

Avoid A Sand Infested Device!

Do you remember the days when you would take a trip to the beach, taking your paperback book, mp3 player and usually a camera to capture some memories of the day? Did you ensure that your electronic devices were stored safely to avoid any damage from water or sand? We made that extra effort didn’t […]